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  • Date:24.08.2023
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Privacy.Sexy v0.12.1

File Size: 70.44 MiB | Language: English

"Privacy.Sexy" provides you with various system tweaks to bolster your computer's security and privacy.

It gives you the ability to perform many different tasks from a convenient centralized location.

You can easily remove Bloatware (a type of unwanted software that comes preinstalled on a computer) delete any unused data, configure your applications, disable your default OS data-collection features, and so much more.

Once downloaded and run, "Privacy.Sexy" displays an interface organized into nine categories; Privacy Cleanup, Disable OS Data Collection, Configure Programs, Security Improvements, Privacy Over Security, UI for Privacy, Disable OS Services, Remove Bloatware, and Advanced Settings. Clicking on one of these categories brings up the selections. You can click the corresponding checkbox to engage them as you see fit. Some items include a dropdown with additional fine-tuning choices. It also includes the ability to utilize pre-selected options for the different categories.

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