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As you may or may not know, we host every file on this site on our own servers. For each software listing, there is a direct download link to our load balancing file delivery service. It is not as easy to maintain as it seems. Why? Well, when thousands of users start downloading these large and intense files, we need to add more servers and computing power to handle the huge amount of bandwidth. Therefore, we pay a monthly bill to keep this service freely available to all of you.


Listen up: we hate giving third parties free file sharing links because they can easily disappear in an instant. Although it's free, we don't use it. Why? After about six months, all free download links are (usually) offline. This is the case with torrents, which may also be unreliable (because torrenters may not be active torrenters). Moreover, we also make sure that before offering you public download links, we test the software before uploading it to our main servers. Just so you don't run into any problems that may arise.


That's why, my friends, we decided to treat ourselves to our own devices. Just to make sure that you all can download our software for free 24/7 with no dead links. However, with software package file sizes increasing these days, it becomes more difficult to maintain them every day.


So we now invite you to support us. This will help us pay the monthly bill to operate our machines. You can pay as little as $1. Every penny counts. Feel free to give away what you want and show your love for the open source community.

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